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Company profile

Founded in 2007, Austro Engine develops and produces state of the art Wankel rotary engines and Jet A1 aviation piston engines for renowned manufacturers of general aviation aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The newly developed AE300 (E4-series), a turbo diesel piston engine running on Jet A1 fuel with 170 horsepower, represents a new generation of aviation engines. The combination of low fuel consumption, independence from leaded fuel and low noise emission makes the AE300 (E4-series) the most ecofriendly aviation piston engine on the market.

The new 7,600 m² (82,000 sq.ft.) company building is located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Among other things, it is equipped with four ultra-modern engine test benches and a propeller test stand. Due to the highest quality and safety standards in production, highly efficient and reliable engines can be manufactured.

The certification of our AE300 engine for further countries is our next milestone, as well as the development of the existing AE50R Wankel rotary engine to an even more efficient and powerful AE80R.

Since October 2009 Austro Engine offers EASA Part 147 MAINTENANCE TRAININGS for the AE300 (E4-series) in cooperation with Diamond Aircraft Industries: Austro Engine AE300 (E4-Serie) Training 

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